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Checkweigher Machines

Our Checkweighers are designed to make sure your product is coming off the conveyor within a certain speed and weight tolerance specified by the operator.


All-Fill Checkweighers, formerly Alpha Checkweighers, specializes in the design and manufacturing of a comprehensive range of online, in production weighing, weight control equipment, and hi-speed checkweigher systems. Checkweigher systems are ideal for companies looking to reduce waste, save money, and increase their production line’s efficiency. As renowned checkweigher manufacturers, All-Fill prides themselves on the versatility of their equipment. All-Fill checkweigher machines can be adapted to handle virtually every package, bag, carton, box, and bottle. 

Standard checkweigher models are available for the quickest deliveries in the industry. We can also design and manufacture custom checkweighers to meet your unique product demands. Also, integration of the checkweigher system with OEM metal detectors is common and highly encouraged when constructing production lines where quality and safety are a necessity.

Our Checkweighers


All-Fill’s EW/8 Checkweigher utilizes a strain gauge load cell for weighing packages up to 5 lbs and operating at speeds of up to 120 packages per minute. Read more.


All-Fill’s HP/14 Checkweigher is capable of handling packages up to 8 lbs at a speed of 300 containers per minute. Read more.


All-Fill’s CW/10 Checkweigher weighs packages up to 10 lbs at speeds of 250 containers per minute. Read more.


All-Fill’s PW/12 Checkweigher operates at speeds of up to 250 packages per minute. Read more.


All-Fill’s MW/16 Checkweigher can operate at speeds of 70 packages per minute with an accuracy of ± 2 grams depending on the application. Read more.


All-Fill’s HW/15 Checkweigher is ideal for packages up to 200 lbs and operates at speeds of 50 packages per minute. Read more.

A Trusted Checkweigher Manufacturer

As renowned Checkweigher Manufacturers, All-Fill prides themselves on the versatility of their equipment. Our checkweighers are designed to make sure your product is coming off the conveyor within a certain speed and maintaining an accurate weight for your desired product. Standard checkweigher models are available for the quickest deliveries in the industry. If you are not sure which checkweigher system will fulfill your weighing needs, we will help you decide.