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Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Baggers

VFFS Machines & Bagging Machines

All-Fill's Vertical Form Fill and Seal bagging machinery is a complete vertical filling solution capable of producing a variety of bag styles and speeds to meet your production demands.


All-Fill’s Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines provide the speed and accuracy required to vertically fill and seal bags with a variety of products to help our customers meet their packaging demands. All-Fill provides a complete vertical filling solution capable of handling any product that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films and various bag styles including gusset bags, pillow bags, doy-style stand-up bags, flat bottom bags as well as a variety of hole punches and tear notches. 

Our VFFS bag filling equipment can be easily integrated with any of our filling options including auger fillers, vibratory feeders, piston fillers, volumetric cup fillers, and combination scale net weigh systems. Common bagging solutions include products such as spices and seasonings, flours, coffee, snack foods, candy, chemicals, liquids, and many others. All-Fill’s (VFFS) vertical form fill seal machinery is the complete solution for flexible packaging needs.  

Our Bag Filling Machines


All-Fill’s A/1200 bag filling machine is capable of forming and filling bags measuring 2.5” x 3” to 8” x 14” with volumes ranging from .5 oz to 5 lbs, at speeds up to 60 cycles per minute with a pneumatic jaw closure. Read more


All-Fill’s A/1200+ VFFS packaging machine is capable of forming and filling bags measuring 2.5” x 3” to 8” x 14” with volumes ranging from .5 oz to 5 lbs, at speeds up to 100 cycles per minute with a servo jaw closure. Read more


All-Fill’s A/3200 VFFS machine is capable of forming and filling packages ranging from 3” x 3” to 12” x 20” with weights from .5oz to 15 lbs, at speeds up to 80 cycles per minute with a servo jaw closure. Read more


All-Fill’s A/3400 bag filling and sealing machine is built to form and fill large bags sized from 12” x 14” up to 18” x 36” at speeds up to 20 cycles per minute with a pneumatic jaw closure. Read more

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines For Your Business

By combining our 50 years of knowledge and integration experience, All-Fill has developed a series of VFFS machines. We offer four standard Vertical Form Fill and Seal models depending on the size of the bag and the rate of production. All-Fill Vertical Form Fill and Seal Bagging machines can seamlessly integrate with our filling, checkweighing and labeling machinery to produce packages filled with virtually any product up to 50 pounds. Our Vertical Form Fill and Seal Baggers are used in various industries and we are ready to help you decide on the right bagging machine for your business.