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Semi-Automatic Auger Fillers

Our Semi-Automatic Auger Filling machines are designed to easily integrate with a variety of packaging machines.


All-Fill's field-proven semi-automatic auger fillers excel in a wide variety of applications with virtually any type of product. Typical models consist of a sturdy, cast aluminum head containing the drive components and a stainless steel column mounted on a rugged aluminum column. Controls include a variety of PLC-based packages, which can include a “keypad” or “touchscreen” operator interface. 

Our Semi-Automatic Auger Filling Machines


Model B/350e

All-Fill’s Model B-350e semi-automatic auger filling machine is the latest development from All-Fill auger filler machines. Read more.

Model B/600

All-Fill’s Model B-600 semi-automatic auger filling machine is designed for our customers who prefer Allen Bradley PLC controls. Read more.

Model CF

All-Fill’s Model CF semi-automatic auger powder filling machine is a benchtop unit designed for dosing of all types of powders including pharmaceuticals and chemicals for a weight range of milligrams to ounces. Read more.

What Semi-Automatic Machines Can Do For Businesses

The All-Fill Auger Filler is the foundation of the product line. Always reliable and built to last, All-Fill’s auger filling machines are the pinnacle of the industry. Our semi-automatic filling machines are designed to easily integrate with a variety of packaging machines. All-Fill semi-automatic auger fillers work with packaging equipment such as vertical form fill and seal baggers, cup filling, and thermoformers. 

Our semi-automatic auger fillers can stand-alone or used for benchtop filling and are ideal for filling a wide variety of applications. Several common applications include powders, detergents, household chemicals, cosmetics, and seasonings and spices. All-Fill’s semi-automatic auger filling machines are the solution to your demanding filing requirements. If you are not sure which semi-automatic filler is right for you, we will help you decide.