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Cup Fillers

Volumetric Cup Fillers

Our Volumetric Cup Filler Systems can be used for a variety of dry free-flowing production lines.


All-Fill’s series of Volumetric Cup Filler Systems are used for dispensing a variety of dry free-flowing products such as beans, rice, pet food, candy, seeds, and more without any product degradation. Our cup filling machine has a variety of volumetric cup sizes that can be changed out within minutes to accommodate a variety of products and fill sizes. A set of interchangeable telescoping cups can be adjusted semi-automatically via a hand crank or automatically via a motor to fine-tune the fill weights. All-Fill’s volumetric cup filling machines are designed to fill both low and high speeds; ranging from 30-120 packages per minute. Our rotary cup filling machines have options to enhance production for your specific needs such as a conveyor, timing screw, vertical form fill seal (VFFS) mount.

Our Cup Fillers


All-Fill’s SC/Series Volumetric Cup Filler can accurately dispense free-flow products such as rice, popcorn, pecans, seeds, candy, and more. Read more.


All-Fill’s CM/Series Volumetric Cup Filler has been expertly designed to accurately dispense free-flow products such as peanuts, snacks, rice, candies, and spices. Read more.


The PF/Series Volumetric Cup Filler is designed to fill uniformed products such as paintballs, pretzel nuggets, and candy by count. Read more.


The PR/Series Volumetric Cup Filler is designed to fill chewing tobacco, or synthetic chewing tobacco into tins at high rates of speed. Read more.

What Cup Filling Machines Can Do For Businesses

All-Fill’s Volumetric Cup Filling Machines are a perfect option for businesses that want to enhance their production. Our volumetric cup filler systems are used for dispensing a variety of dry free-flowing products without any product degradation. All-Fill’s rotary cup filling machines provide complete accuracy, high and low speeds, and are easy to use with their removable volume cup feature.